Terra products

Terra number 1 in the production of innovative tools for sharping urban spaces.

TERRA’s products can be found in urban as well as rural areas, in parks, residential areas, shopping malls, railway stations, hitels, etc. These innovative products are used throughout Europe and worldwide. They contribute to embellishing such famous places as Krakowskie Przedmiescle in Warsaw and Piotrkowska street in Lodz. They also invidualize and bring colors to the largest cities such as: Casablanca, Vienna, Riga, Krakow, Wroclaw or Poznan.

15 years of experience in shaping the urban spaces

Priority of TERRA’s company is providing all of its clients with innovative and effective technical solutions for the development of plants. Thanks to integrated knowledge of scientist, production experts as well as landscape designers and architects, TERRA’s products always offer innovative solutions of the highest quality.

Latest technologies

Highest quality of production

Since 15 years TERRA has been combining craftsmanship and innovation, offering its customers high-end products. Quality is one of the most precious values of our products. We make every effort to keep them on the highest level, while ensuring their functionality, aesthetics and a unique design at the same time. Quality monitoring, ensured by our experts, contributes to very good results of any inspection TERRA’s products are evaluated upon.